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I mostly tumbl songs I like on a particular day, but some days I don't find a song, or I am caught up with work, or I am off somewhere doing something. I also like to share images (both static and moving), literature, and recipes.

I am linking to songs on external sites so that you can download them (right click on download and save the file) and make a mix of your own, and listen to it while you run or make breakfast or ride your bike or the subway or anything you do while listening to music. I will try to check the links from the past month from time to time to make sure they still work, but please do let me know if a song has been removed from its original source and isn't working.

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I stumbled onto Prince Klassen’s 85 riddim blend of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” while browsing Fully Fitted for some new mixes.  It is super catchy and fun to dance to, and in fact should be avoided if you sit on a yoga ball at work and think anyone could possibly come into your office (in case you have never sat on a yoga ball, they make sitting while dancing much easier than chairs do).  In any case, you should probably also close your door in case you want to play it on repeat without annoying your colleagues.  

I made myself listen to the original since I find that this additional context helps me better appreciate a remix, and I did not much like it after hearing all of the good sounds in this remix.  

Full disclosure: I do *not* know what it is, or at least I did not until I googled it.  Black and Yellow is a reference to Pittsburgh sports teams, particularly the Steelers, in case the lyrics “you know what it is” also don’t apply to you.  

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